Bilingual Mental Health Counselor
Healthcare & Social Services
Bristow VA Direct Hire Jan 20, 2023
Employment Enterprises is supporting a nationally accredited non-profit that serves hundreds of children in the local area. We are seeking Bilingual Mental Health Counselors to work with multiple individual and group clients. You will facilitate, organize, assess, review, and perform therapy for these individuals and groups, along with other duties.
Bilingual Mental Health Counselor Responsibilities:
  • Facilitate the development of Individual Service Plans (ISP) for each assigned resident by completing the required Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) Unaccompanied Alien Child (UAC) Assessment and Assessment for Risks within 72 hours of UC (Unaccompanied Child) arrival.
  • Assure necessary input is provided to the Case Managers and in the UAC Portal within 5 days of UAC arrival to aid in the facilitation of the ISP.
  • Provide input associated with the counseling component of the program to the Case Managers through inputting Case Review information in the UAC Portal every 30 days for each UAC in case load.
  • Assess for Trafficking concerns and be ready to refer qualified UACs to the Office on Trafficking in Persons (OTIP) Division of ORR.
  • Perform individual therapy weekly for residents or as requested by supervisor.
  • Assess and diagnose individuals as necessary either as an LMHP or under and LMHP’s supervision when necessary.
  • Organize and implement family group therapy as needed for each client. This may involve weekend work.
  • Facilitate progress group therapy and various topical groups through the Counseling program on a weekly basis.
  • Demonstrate a proactive approach in your clinical support on an on-going basis to the residential and education component team members.
  • Available for on-call mental health crises.
  • As a clinician, must be accessible via phone for consultation on mental health issues surrounding your clients or other residents if needed.
  • Participate as an active member of the Treatment/Evaluation Team.  Responsible to communicate team review with necessary individuals in resident’s life.
  • Participate as an active member of the weekly federal staffing. Responsible to communicate any mental health/behavior concerns to ORR representatives and clinical team.
  • Work with Case Managers to make a recommendation for discharge from YFT.
  • Provide Case Managers with any necessary Mental Health input for the reunification of client.
  • Board-expected to provide board-approved social work or counseling supervision to those going for licensure for no remuneration.  If a board-approved supervisor is needed one will be provided by YFT if the individual is on our staff and the respective board approves.
  • Attend all training mandated by YFT.
  • All duties and responsibilities will support meeting the structured program of care outlined in DBHDS and DSS state standards (DBHDS: 12VAC 35-46-800; DSS: 22 VAC 40-151-720).
  • Other duties as assigned by the CEO, or supervisor.
Bilingual Mental Health Counselor Qualifications:
  • Master’s Degree and licensure (LMHP), or LMHP-e (eligibility for licensure) to provide counseling services.
  • Demonstrated ability to work with adolescents and families in a counseling setting and function within an evaluation team format.
  • Ability to assess treatment needs and deliver appropriate interventions.
  • Ability to maintain all required documentation.
  • Bi-lingual speaking skills (Spanish and English)
  • Professionally facilitate counseling functions as they apply to our milieu of care.
  • Core Competencies
  • Knowledge of DSS and ORR policies and regulations.
  • Ability to provide individual, group, and family therapy.
  • Previous training or ability to complete required training in program specific assessments such as the CSSR-S.
  • Ability to keep record of all completed sessions for quarterly reports.
  • Ability to provide crisis interventions
  • Knowledge of multicultural sensitivity

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